RV with tons of professional camera gear stolen

October 31st, 2013

On a cloudless monday morning (28/10/2013 to be exact) three photographer friends and me left San Francisco city by BART to San Leandro, a city located eastbound, where we rented an RV. The trip was supposed to go to Yosemite NP, L.A. and finally to Miami. In both cities we wanted to take pictures of a bike race. The trip ended after exactly 0.8 miles. We decided to get groceries in Walmart. We locked our equipment in the camper, where it could not be seen from the outside, took the keys and went shopping. There were security cameras, and a car on patrol on the parking lot and people everywhere. When we left the store, our shopping cart was full and the place empty where the RV was left before. The police arrived after three hours and checked the video footage. The officer could see the RV leaving the area and going on the highway in northerly direction without people or cars approaching the vehicle.

The RV (license plate: 6ZUD550) was insured. At this very day about $140.000 changed their owner in a few seconds.

Nikon Professional Service will provide us with the latest rental gear F O R   F R E E!

The professional equipment of the four of us is listed below. Unfortunately there was no total insurance coverage for all of us (everybody pays around $1.500 – 12.000$ out of his own pocket), so we are thankful for your help!

Macbook Pro 15″- 250GB SSD and 8GB RAM upgrade W89371Q2648 $1,970.00
Lenovo X220 Laptop R9-DNKWX11/05 $1,800.00
Canon 5D Mark III Camera 063024021890 $3,710.00
Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip 1001007994 $407.00
Nikon D800 Camera 6074696 $3,040.00
Nikon D700 Camera 2328862 $1,660.00
Nikon D700 Camera 2370038 $1,500.00
Nikon D700 Camera 2004809 $1,480.00
Nikon D300 Camera 4158597 $830.00
Nikon D300 Camera 4153219 $1,240.00
Nikon D300 Camera 4151712 $985.00
Nikon D70s Camera 4021225 $400.00
Nikon D70s Camera serial unknown $165.00
Nikon D70s camera serial unknown $412.00
Nikon MB-D10 Battery grip 2104871 $280.00
Nikon MB-D10 Battery grip 2030250 $230.00
Nikon MB-D10 Battery grip 2272710 $300.00
Nikon 14-24 Lens 358104 $2,200.00
Tokina 12-24 Lens 71E3503 $420.00
Tokina 12-24 Lens serial unknown $317.00
Nikon 18-70 Lens 4149755 $165.00
Nikon 24-70 Lens 596832 $1,970.00
Nikon 24-70 Lens 680061 $2,130.00
Nikon 28-70 lens serial unknown $412.00
Nikon 28-105 Lens serial unknown $276.00
Nikon 50mm Lens 357245 $460.00
Nikon 70-200 VR II Lens 20133814 $2,660.00
Nikon 70-200 VR II Lens 20130417 $2,760.00
Nikon 70-200 VR II Lens 20122832 $2,630.00
Nikon TC14E II Converter 443778 $560.00
Nikon TC 20E III converter 222865 $620.00
Nikon TC 20E III converter serial unknown $700.00
Canon 24-70 lens 1026442 $1240.00
Canon 50 1.4 lens 76370424 $466.00
Canon 70-200 lens 540352 $2,060.00
Nikon SB80DX Flash 2031715 $165.00
Nikon SB80DX Flash 2179055 $180.00
Nikon SB800 Flash 2903509 $325.00
Nikon SB900 Flash 23330031 $550.00
Yongnuo YN 560 II Flash 5419361 $95.00
Yongnuo YN 560 II Flash 54197320 $95.00
Yongnuo YN 560 II Flash 54197366 $95.00
Manfrotto Carbon Tripod woth ball head no serial $761.00
2x Cullmann Nanomax 200T Tripod no serial $90.00
Memory Cards no serial $200.00
Sandisk Memory Cards no serial $110.00
Batteries no serial $200.00
5 x Battery LP-E6 no serial $653.00
Sunsniper camera belt no serial $85.00
Alienbee remote triggers no serial $390.00
Paul C. Buff flash remote trigger serial unknown $540.00
Misc camera equip no serial $1,600.00
Misc equipment no serial: $900.00
Tamrac Camera backpack no serial $550.00
LowePro Vertex 200 AW Camera Backpack no serial $500.00
LowePro vertex 200 AW camerabackpack no serial $305.00
Lowepro ProTrekker 400 AW no serial $440.00
Trolley with clothes no serial $700.00
Trolley with clothes no serial $700.00
Trolley with clothes no serial $1,000.00
The North Face Longhaul 80 trolley with clothes no serial $700.00
European money cash (250 EUR) no serial $343.00
total value $53,488.24